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Satsang is a conscious music collective.  Creating a unique blend of soul, folk-rock and hip-hop, Satsang delivers lyrics that come from and are rooted in change, growth, awareness, and imperfection. The live show is a gathering of people to assimilate and share their truths. The rhythms put forth by the band keep everyone on their feet, and the lyrics leave them craving active and positive change.  Satsang has toured the country and shared the stage with Michael Franti & Spearhead, Steel Pulse, Nahko, Trevor Hall, Chris Berry, Mike Love, Jon Wayne and the Pain, Tubby Love, and many more.  

Lead singer and songwriter Drew McManus creates music fueled by the ever present task of personal growth and the beautiful life that he found in the Beartooth Mountains. “I grew up in an environment where aggression, violence, abuse, and addiction were always present. It made me angry, sad, and ashamed. I hated my story and I was a slave to addiction. I tried for so long to hide from the reality of my story and the reality of how beautiful life could be.” It wasn’t until an intense spiritual experience lead Drew to break his cycle of addiction. “I began to realize that had everything not happened to me exactly like it did, I would not be exactly who/where/ what I am right now.” In an effort to share his revelation with others who may be in the same predicament, Drew began to write every day. “I was flooded with the urge to write down the lessons that kept revealing themselves in this surrender. And the connections I began making with other people by making this music vulnerable and open, began to change everything.” These songs are a statement of lessons learned and a further understanding of self. “The whole story is what makes it beautiful, not just the good bits.”

"Beautiful Days" by Satsang

Govind Das and Radha are the directors/owners of Bhakti Yoga Shala in Santa Monica, CA.  They are a husband and wife team and are practitioners/teachers/musicians in the path of BHAKTI YOGA. Their inspiring yoga classes encourage yoga in the spirit of celebrating life and developing a personal and intimate connection with Source. Their kirtan music uses voice, melody and rhythm as prayerful heart medicine.  COME ON A JOURNEY INTO THE HEART OF YOGA!  Govind Das and Radha lead evenings of kirtan, bhakti yoga workshops and transformational retreats throughout the world.  Their latest celebrated kirtan album, "LUNAR MANTRAS" has spent weeks at #2 on the iTunes World Music chart.  More at

Govind Das & Radha at Bhakti Fest

Gabriel Logan Braun is a seasoned sound healer, holistic musician, and life coach who has been providing Sound Healing to residential treatment centers and outpatient settings. Over the last 7 years, Gabriel has worked at multiple treatment centers including Passages Malibu, Journey Malibu, Living Rebos, have traveled across California, Arizona, Oregon, Washington, and Canada facilitating Sound Therapy and partnered with yoga teachers to facilitate workshops at the the Esalen Institute. Gabriel also facilitates ongoing Sound Healing Journeys at the Continuum Movement Studio, Mandala and Bhakti Yoga Shala in Santa Monica.  For more info visit:

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I am a Yoga and meditation teacher with 17 years of studying and teaching experience.  Yoga is a life style, a life path; it is the journey of Self study and Self knowledge to reach one's highest potential.  Yoga is a wonderful and unique companion on this journey called 'life'.  I am truly grateful to this practice, this knowledge and all the teachers and masters dedicated to sharing and preserving this sacred Truth for the betterment and fulfillment of human kind."

Since I can remember I have been rooted in a spiritual path.  As soon as turning 21 I embarked on a journey to India in hopes of finding my Teacher.  The path didn't lead to one teacher but to many through-out the years. 

In 2010 I finally met Yogarupa Rod Stryker and I found the lineage I would call home.  The Sri Vidya tradition, an ancient wisdom tradition of the Himalayan Master.  

As a singer, a dedicated Yogini and student, a teacher and a woman, I wish to bring value and meaning to people's lives by sharing these teachings in a way that most can understand and be able to adapt to one's specific needs; merging wisdom from ancient scriptures and personal experience. Yoga meets you where you are today. 

Blessings on your journey!

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Daniel Stewart is a beloved yoga/meditation teacher, a Kirtan leader, co-owner of Rising Lotus Yoga in Sherman Oaks, and an holistic Mind/Body Psychotherapist. He is dedicated to studying and teaching yoga as an embodied practice of awakening - fully and playfully - to wholeness and grace in each moment. He believes that all spiritual and psychological teachings, east and west, lead to one truth: our authentic inner life is waiting to be lived, passionately and creatively, without restraint―NOW―and true 

happiness is achieved only in this way. 

In dynamic classes, workshops, and retreats, Daniel integrates music, eastern philosophy, depth psychology, poetry, and laughter to create vibrant, healing environments where students can quiet their minds, release physically, and rediscover a deep sense of wellbeing and joy.  He shares his love of music, and its power to heal and transform, though the art and practice of Sacred Music as Kirtan.

Daniel's kirtan is a unique blend of western soul and jazz style improvisation with authentic Sanskrit mantras. He is known for his joyful, ecstatic singing and for the dharma talks about awakening and consciousness he weaves throughout. The numinous connection he feels singing is evident in the bhakti energy that grows in the room and the heart opening and Self-awakening often experienced by participants. He believes that together the musicians and the audience find union as they create an ecstatic experience of blissful music, deep meditation and sweet, expansive consciousness.  

“We meditate, we practice yoga, we sing in the shower, in the car, and in the yoga room, in order to quite our minds and return to a joyful, feeling of oneness.  We know in our hearts  that our happiness isn’t reliant on our name, our job, or the lists we need to finish.  We can sense that our breath, our mindful practice, our singing is a call to our soul; a reminder of our limitless connection to the internal and a celebration of the love that flows in all of us.”



Where does my yoga journey begin? The best answer would maybe be… in some other life. I was lucky enough to be born and raised in a family that lives and breathes true yoga. I grew up learning and practicing mantra meditation and yoga as a lifestyle. Having grown up living around yoga my whole life, I decided to pursue an AA degree in International Business. As the busyness of “life” began to come to the forefront, my yogic upbringing became less of an importance and focus.

After graduating with honors, I soon found myself unexpectedly pregnant… Deciding to take a hiatus from the things that had primarily taken up my time and energy – college, full time work, travel and surfing – I was able to reflect on and return to my yoga roots. This is when I realized how important yoga is to me and my spiritual progression. Humbling myself I decided to embark on a 200 hour teacher training program with Tamal Yoga School to help build upon my life experiences and knowledge of yoga.

After becoming a Yoga Alliance certified yoga instructor, I realized this was the perfect tool to share the amazing life changing powers of yoga that have molded me into the – daughter, sister, mother, lover and friend – I am today.

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