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Tracee has been studying yoga and energy medicine since 1995. She began sharing her understanding of yoga when she met her teacher Yogarupa Rod Stryker and was initiated by him in to the lineage fo Sri Vidya in 2001. She continues to study with Yogarupa in his ParaYoga style and often assits him at The Four Desires workshops and trainings. All of Tracee’s  classes are focused on self empowerment and self-mastery. Through practices unique to the tradition you will awaken to your souls unique purpose.  And in this clarity of purpose you accelerate and shift your trajectory towards fulfilling your dharma.

Her practices allow you to tap into a place of power and connection to your indomitable will as you begin to transform conscious as well as unconscious patterning and loosen your internal resistances toward achieving your goals. Her goal in teaching her teacher trainings, extended workshops and retreats is to guide you towards connecting to your reservoir of Shakti that allows you to manifest your intentions and honor your unique gifts that you have to offer the world.  From that place you see yourself fully and allow yourself to be seen in your full power and radiance.

For over twenty-five years, John Vosler’s passion has been teaching us how our thoughts, emotions and physical being are connected. Through meditation, movement and holistic bodywork, John’s Los Angeles-based wellness practice has empowered countless clients to improve their lives. Executives, athletes, celebrities, busy moms and burnt-out professionals are attracted to his intuitive awareness and vast knowledge of the science of meditation. His infectious humor and compassionate heart make working with him a joy-filled experience.

John holds a degree in Human Development and multiple certifications in various healing modalities, As a Senior Teacher at the Amrit Yoga Institute leading Yoga Nidra Certification programs and an Integrative Restoration InstituteCertified iRest Teacher, he teaches internationally, leading trainings and retreats on the profound healing benefits of the ancient meditation practice of Yoga Nidra.


Yogi, Hypnotherapist and Shaman, Kristen Eykel CHt. has uniquely synthesized over 28 years of diverse training into holding space as a spiritual teacher and personal coach for students worldwide. Her healing practice includes Usui/Karuna Holy Fire II Reiki Master Teacher, Kundalini & Master Yoga Teacher, and Yoga for Pregnancy & Labor Expert. A dynamic Public Speaker, she is the author of 3 books, including Yoga for Transformation- Beyond Asana Into Awareness, including a 6-week Transformation Challenge online. She is a contributor to numerous publications including Yoga Journal, Fit Pregnancy, Elephant Journal, Health Magazine, The Chicago Tribune, She Knows & We Blog the World. Creator of 6 yoga DVDs, including the bestseller, Yoga for Your Pregnancy,  Kristen is honored to share her expertise at the Sedona Yoga Festival, Imagine Fest, and with the Science and NonDuality Conferences, and is blessed with a devoted and loyal following in her yearlong mentorship program, Awesomeness Training.




Where does my yoga journey begin? The best answer would maybe be… in some other life. I was lucky enough to be born and raised in a family that lives and breathes true yoga. I grew up learning and practicing mantra meditation and yoga as a lifestyle. Having grown up living around yoga my whole life, I decided to pursue an AA degree in International Business. As the busyness of “life” began to come to the forefront, my yogic upbringing became less of an importance and focus.

After graduating with honors, I soon found myself unexpectedly pregnant… Deciding to take a hiatus from the things that had primarily taken up my time and energy – college, full time work, travel and surfing – I was able to reflect on and return to my yoga roots. This is when I realized how important yoga is to me and my spiritual progression. Humbling myself I decided to embark on a 200 hour teacher training program with Tamal Yoga School to help build upon my life experiences and knowledge of yoga.

After becoming a Yoga Alliance certified yoga instructor, I realized this was the perfect tool to share the amazing life changing powers of yoga that have molded me into the – daughter, sister, mother, lover and friend – I am today.

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