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De Jur has been a yoga devotee since 2001 after major surgery. Her yoga path continues to be a personal exploration and evolution. That evolution inspired her to become a yoga therapist trained at Loyola Marymount University. She struck up a friendship with a yoga teacher that offers classes in the CSEC unit (Commercially Sexually Exploited Children) at juvenile hall. That friendship sparked an interest that created a deep, explorative dive into learning everything she could about sex and human trafficking, trauma, how it affects victims and survivors and how yoga can help with embodiment, self-regulation and heal trauma. De Jur was shocked to learn that her hometown of Los Angeles was one of the top three US cities in which 80% of human trafficking cases occur. This specialized training aided her in finding her niche to serve at-risk, under-resourced and highly traumatized communities and populations that show up with a myriad of emotional, physical and psychological damage that yoga can help.

She teaches youth in the juvenile justice system, probation camps and its staff, shelters, group homes, direct services programs, and incarcerated and formerly incarcerated adults around LA County. De Jur is humbled and grateful to call Hala Khouri, Dr. Larry Payne and James Fox her teachers and mentors in victim centered trauma informed, therapeutic, accessible yoga. De Jur is a contributor in the Yoga Service Council’s best practices book series “Best Practices for Yoga in the Criminal Justice System”. She is available to speak at your workplace or facilitate a yoga therapy program with your organization. De Jur loves the work that she does. 


For over twenty-five years, John Vosler’s passion has been teaching us how our thoughts, emotions and physical being are connected. Through meditation, movement and holistic bodywork, John’s Los Angeles-based wellness practice has empowered countless clients to improve their lives. Executives, athletes, celebrities, busy moms and burnt-out professionals are attracted to his intuitive awareness and vast knowledge of the science of meditation. His infectious humor and compassionate heart make working with him a joy-filled experience.

John holds a degree in Human Development and multiple certifications in various healing modalities, As a Senior Teacher at the Amrit Yoga Institute leading Yoga Nidra Certification programs and an Integrative Restoration InstituteCertified iRest Teacher, he teaches internationally, leading trainings and retreats on the profound healing benefits of the ancient meditation practice of Yoga Nidra.


Caspar is well-known in the yoga community as an organic food chef from Ojai, California. Internationally he is a recognized teacher, speaker and retreat facilitator of Digestive Psychology and, partnered up with yoga teachers: “Yoga of Eating” workshops. These are taught in The United States, Canada, Costa Rica and Europe. He is also a regular speaker at transformational festivals in the US and abroad. Caspar is a proud facilitator

for the Foundation for Living Beauty, supporting women with cancer.

Emotions express in eating behavior and translate to the body through the Autonomic Nervous System into digestive issues, food allergies, constipation, reflux, IBS and so much more. Digestive Psychology understands that trauma, chronic negative emotions and obsessively held beliefs and resulting obsessions do more harm to our health than diets or nutrition can ever fix.

“Yes, kale is healthy but there is no amount of kale you can possibly eat to heal the damage you do stressing over kale.”

Caspar is also still available as your chef for retreats in California.

‘Heal Thyself, Heal The World’

Mira Rocca is an experienced and licensed marriage and family therapist who is dedicated to helping individuals overcome problems with food, body image, exercise, depression, anxiety, trauma, life transitions, and familial issues. She helps her clients see that there is a better way to live, and guides them on a path to reach their fullest potential in life. Mira creates space for you to inhabit your body while learning to balance your own vulnerability and inner strengths. This allows you to heal old wounds and feel more grounded and empowered in your life today. Mira is a 200hr Certified Yoga Instructor and believes yoga/meditation is not just about the minutes you spend on the mat, but learning to embody and incorporate how to live yoga off of the mat. 

Mira is married to her beloved soulmate and together have three spirited little kids. Having such a full and rich life, Mira has truly embraced being a working mom with grace and ease. Her passion for helping women find deep purpose, stability, balance, and an overall joyful foundation is what drives her. 


Founder & CEO of Unlikely Heroes

Erica Greve is the Founder and CEO of the anti-human trafficking organization, Unlikely Heroes.  Erica has dedicated her life to seeing vulnerable children labeled ‘high-risk’ to sex-trafficking, receive protection and restoration across the world.  She and her team have begun to raise the standards of restorative care in the Philippines, Thailand and around the world.

With a master’s degree in Social Welfare from UC Berkeley, Erica has developed effective prevention, rescue, and aftercare programs for the rehabilitation of sexually exploited children.  She has provided years of crisis counseling therapy to victims of sexual and physical abuse through emergency units, children’s hospitals and managed care programs. Her background in social services includes clinical, practical and psychological training, successfully restoring the lives of victims of sex slavery, reducing the percentage of girls returning back to the industry.  Building strategic partnerships with government and law enforcement officials, Erica is bridging the gap between social welfare programs and enforcement activities.



Where does my yoga journey begin? The best answer would maybe be… in some other life. I was lucky enough to be born and raised in a family that lives and breathes true yoga. I grew up learning and practicing mantra meditation and yoga as a lifestyle. Having grown up living around yoga my whole life, I decided to pursue an AA degree in International Business. As the busyness of “life” began to come to the forefront, my yogic upbringing became less of an importance and focus.

After graduating with honors, I soon found myself unexpectedly pregnant… Deciding to take a hiatus from the things that had primarily taken up my time and energy – college, full time work, travel and surfing – I was able to reflect on and return to my yoga roots. This is when I realized how important yoga is to me and my spiritual progression. Humbling myself I decided to embark on a 200 hour teacher training program with Tamal Yoga School to help build upon my life experiences and knowledge of yoga.

After becoming a Yoga Alliance certified yoga instructor, I realized this was the perfect tool to share the amazing life changing powers of yoga that have molded me into the – daughter, sister, mother, lover and friend – I am today.

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